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Street cameras makes voyeurism popular

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Street cameras make voyeurism possible

Prime time TV is now filled with footage from the cameras in the street. Voyeurism is a big business. Everywhere you turn, there is a camera, and what it captures might be sold to the highest bidder. To listen to an excerpt from the radio broadcast, please click on the green play button below.

Below is a transcript of the audio file.

Jonar Nader: Work that was never possible, for example, I think about two years ago on this show we spoke about how there are tapes being sold on the internet called voyeurism tapes catching people in the act, whether it is stealing or kissing or driving or whatever, and we thought that was funny that people would have the audacity to first publish this on the internet and selling it two that there were hundreds of thousands of videos that people were buying for $10 a video, what on earth was going on? What have we got now? We have got prime time TV shows called Funniest Home Videos, Catch them in the Act.

Host: Real TV, World’s Silliest Criminals.

Jonar Nader: Yes, so what has that done? You don’t need directors, you don’t need actors, you don’t need scripting, rehearsing.

Host: It is as cheap as a sausage isn’t it?

Jonar Nader: Exactly, and it is prime time stuff, so look at that change for that time slot.

Host: And what we might talk about next week because we have run out of time is the effects on communication.

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